Class Schedule at

The Midtown Hougang

  • ​Please book the class at least 2 hours in advance online or by phone (+65 9753 7605), Whatsapp, SMS or email (  For 7am and 8.30am classes, please book before 10pm in the previous day. 

  • We reserve the right to cancel the class if there is no booking before the stipulated period before the class.

  • If you cannot make it to a booked class, please inform us at least 2 hours before start of class or else the class will be deducted.

  • Class schedule maybe subjected to changes due to unforeseen circumstances. Students affected will be notified. Ensure that you book your class to be informed of any changes.

  • 请在开课的2个小时之前通过网站,电话 (+65 8255 3080),简讯或电子邮价(来预订课程。早上7点和8点半的可,请在前天晚上10点之前预订课程。

  • 如果在开课前2小时没有任何预订,我们保留取消课程的权利。

  • 若您不能出席预订的课程,请在开课之前至少2个小时通知我们,不然课次将照样扣除。

  • 若有不可预见的情况, 课程时间可能改化。受影响的学生将被通知。请预订课程以确保收到通知。

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